Some Like It Hot

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-24-2020
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We have been experimenting for the last week or so with how hot it can get and still be acceptable inside the Castle with just fans running in the desert. This is for boondocking information for us.

We can run everything we need except the AC from the batteries and LPG tanks.  So we needed to find out the current upper limit for desert camping with out 120v power for the AC.

Today we found out for sure. The OFM upper comfort temp lately in the desert has been around 92F with fans running. Later in the afternoon it was 98F inside the Castle and that was too much.

The Del Rio weather forecast was for 102F and sure enough we made it to 102F inside the Castle with the fans running. Tonight it is supposed to be in the 60‘s and then hot again tomorrow.

So now we will experiment with finding the highest COMFORTABLE temperature the OFM can enjoy and set the AC on that setting and save money over setting it at 74F.  The Boondork had a nice blog entry tonight about the same issues of hot weather while boondocking.

The OFM had noticed last summer that he was running the AC controller at a higher temperature than in the previous years.  As he gets older the OFM likes the temps to be warmer than in the past. So now we will be finding out the proper settings for hot weather.

Being comfortable temperature wise is important when you are trying to have tooooo much fun.

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