A Wonderful Walk

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-27-2020
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Hitting the desert in the mornings with bright sunshine and a cool breeze sure starts the day out right.  We got in about 2 miles on the Diablo East walking path. It has been covered in the blog so often we did not take pictures of the path. 

The blossom explosion we had hoped for this year did not happen and the vegetation in on the down hill side. But there was two nice cactus blossoms along the way and a special guest.

The bright yellow blossom was very wide open AND the OFM  managed to use the  close up feature of the camera on it.

Then the golden blossoms were taken with the regular settings.

And a bit more along the way the special guest came running out of the shrubbery across the trail and posed for a couple of pictures like the professional it is.

Then we finished the walk and found Sierra waiting for us. This was an uncommonly nice walk with the great weather. It made trying to have tooooo much fun easy.

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