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San Pedro Campground Walk

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-26-2020
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The OFM was in great need of a good walk that could be finished before lunch time since the morning air was nicely cool. A consultation with Sierra helped and a place was chosen. the closed road to San Pedro campground would do very well. Only one short steeper grade in the whole trip would be encountered.

Sierra got us to the gate safely. Now it was up to the OFM to do the walking safely. It is about a 2.5 mile round trip. And away we went.

It is easy walking with raw desert on all sides. It was interesting that etched in the sand was the squiggles of snakes crossing now and then. But we saw no slither critters.

To our surprise we found the first golden prickly pear blooms we have seen in the area. The OFM crept up close carefully avoiding any sleeping snakes. Several pictures were taken but the Teams liked this one best.

OFM’s walking stick was performing well. We had taken the rubber tip off and let the metal spike do the ground contact work. There are several different types of grips used on a walking stick. We prefer this type that takes all the load off your grip and passes it down the strap straight to the fat part of your hand pad. You never have to grip the stick tightly so your hand does not get tired.

On down the road we came to the yucca plant that was pictured in this blog a few weeks ago when it was in it blooming glory.  Now we have it as it is maturing seeds for the next crop of show off plants.

Here is a close up of the seed pods. With a little luck we will make it back to show the seeds hatching.

We meandered on back to Sierra with no troubles of any sort. As we finished the walk and started to climb into Sierra we noticed the temps were getting a bit warm and it was 1145.  Perfect timing on the walk. This was definitely a pleasant  place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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