Disgusting Idiots

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 4-01-2020
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Some folks can ruin things for others.  Some (it is a polite language blog) “people” went out to the Amistad open areas picnic tables and gathered into large groups.  They also damaged the restroom facilities without any decent reason. This happened in more than one place and time apparently.  This morning when the Teams wanted to try an area for blossoms and checked on the  area for legal entry.  The new, thanks to those “people”, rule is back to no entry into ANY of the picnic areas until further notice. GRRRRRR.

The OFM had the furnace removed during the big repair job on the shower/tub faucet replacement.  Today he tackled the job of blocking the heater floor vents so dirt and cold air does not go into that area any more.  The front two floor vents were blocked with rigid foam.

The latest new toy showed up right on time.  These are water soluble pastels. 

Of course when you get a new toy it needs to be played with immediately. So here is what this mess quickly looked like.

Both the aqua brushes and the new pastels will be fun to learn about in the near future. At first effort they seem like they will be very good for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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