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Broke Mill Walking Trail

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-17-2020
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The campground we are at has a very nice exercise walking trail as part of the location. It is outside the regular part of the campground. It heads away from the campground and makes a P shaped loop up the side of the hill next door. The OFM used to run it in his earlier years but that running stuff is long gone now. The distance from the Castle is 1.5 miles round trip.

Now lets see what it looks like and the scenery along it. You start your walk at your RV and head over to this gate.

As you can already see this is a desert trail not a fancy paved flat city trail.  The trail does undulate with the terrain and at the far end it is a good bit above where we start here.

You head north along the gravel/dirt road until you get to the first right turn.  At this point you go up the hill and watch for the wild sheep on the sides of the hills. They are not shy and walkers see them often but the OFM has not seen them yet.

When you get to the high spot the trail goes right and then right again and then left and moseys back to the beginning. The OFM forgot to take pictures of the rest of the trail. Once up to the peak of the trail it heads southish along the lower slope of the hills. The hills are native desert vegetation as is the vegetation on both sides of the trail.

The blood thirsty vegetation will help you to remember to stay more in the middle of the wide trail.

At many places along the trail folks are constructing cairns for decoration. The eight foot wide trail does not need them for navigation. We guess there is at this time about ten of the cairns along the trail.

Today the OFM noticed these seeds (maybe) and they were interesting. But while messing around trying to get this picture he kept on getting stuck so he did not look at them very long.

The walk back into the campground can be longer because a loop around the whole camping facility will add another mile if you want more exercise. And if you want more exercise the swimming pool invites folks with extra energy to burn.

All in all the trail is a pretty nice location to enjoy while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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