Morning Sun


Doubly Tired

Adventure Location: Broke Mill RV Park, Del Rio, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/4/2018
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 It was a  rough night at Spur 406. The temps stayed high, 79,  for the whole night so the OFM sweated puddles on the bed with two fans blowing on him. On top of that hordes of very small flying insects came through the screens to harass the sleep deprived OFM. The campsite was fine but the great green vegetation produced lots of insects when the wind died to zero. It was overall a very bad choice due to the weather mis-guess on the part of the OFM.

So we rolled about 0845 and checked into Broke Mill RV Park about 0910. The setup was quick. The AC was very welcome as well as the ability to shut the windows to more bug entry. Since then it has been a wonderful day except the OFM is still beat to a pulp tonight.  

We had a friendly visitor when we were getting ready to roll yesterday in the Davis Mountains SP.

This little critter came by as the OFM was putting the electric cord into the Castle. It stopped a moment to get a drink from the puddle at the water faucet. Gave us a wave and wished us great travels. Then it was off to find some breakfast.

We bet it was even planning on trying to have tooooo much fun.

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