Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Long Day/ Late Night

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/27/18
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It was cool enough to run a heater this morning and hot enough to run the AC this afternoon. It seems mosquitoes have made a come back starting today.  We do get too many mosquitoes for the Teams liking. 

An early morning walk was taken in hopes of getting some pictures for the blog. We were successful. It was a very calm morning and many folks were out and about at the beach. Some were walking the beach sand. That gives them a lot of extra effort to help stay fit.

Others choose a different way of enjoying the morning. Not much walking is involved but it probably gives one a great feeling of soaring with the birds.

When the Teams headed out onto the pier to check out on the fish catching we did not expect to find spiders fishing.

That spider web went from the pier hand rail down into the water. Several of the webs along the pier did the same fishing. We cannot imagine what kind of fish spiders fish for. Any suggestions?

There was lots of spider strands stringing out from vertical things. Those webs kept on getting tangled on the OFM and he was not fond of it.

The best part of the morning was the three different couples that recognized the OFM from this blog. That gave us some more great conversations with wonderful readers. And that is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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