Morning Sun


Rain and Flooding

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/19/18
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The OFM rolled out of the bed from a restless sleep and looked out the door of the Castle to check the weather. He thought we had been washed over to the harbor.

There was about three inches of water around the picnic table and getting to Sierra required wading. Good grief what a mess AGAIN. But there was very little rain the rest of the morning and laundry was accomplished.

Then in the afternoon the OFM went fishing under bright sunny skies. There was a man at the far end of the pier. We wanted to fish the beach guts so we were about a hundred feet onto the pier having a good time.

The man at the end caught a stingray and was having trouble handling it when the first few huge rain drops hit the Teams. A glance back behind the Teams was a genuine NUTS trouble. The OFM reeled in as fast as he could. The sting ray guy was still having a fight. We hit the pier deck moving as fast as the OFM could move. The rain was heavy and COLD. The OFM got about 70% soaked before we got into Sierra. BRRRRR.

As we were pulling away the sting ray man was nearly back to shore. We have no idea what happened with the stingray. Here is the unfortunate man.

As we rolled out of the Beach Park we grabbed this picture of the vendors trying to set up in their assigned area. That does not look like a pleasant experience.

Back at the Castle, the OFM set the truck seat back and took a long nap in Sierra lulled by the continuous “music” of the cold rain pounding on Sierra’s cab roof. He awakened a good while later to a much lighter rainfall and we splashed quickly into the Castle. Here is the picture we got of the door mat floating in the yard.

We are here to guarantee you that playing in the cold rain is not a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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