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Rough Slippery Rocks

Adventure Location: MISP, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/31/18
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Sierra did an excellent job of getting us on down the beach without any special excitement like getting stuck or flooded with sea water. The parking spot that Sierra chose was well up from the tide line so as the tide came in the parking spot would not flood.

It was also at the foot of the jetties and the OFM wasted not time in getting onto the jetty to prove he is still the fool of old. But it only took a small slip to remind him that even if he is morbidly fat he would not bounce right back up from a fall. So he quickly switched into OLD FAT MAN with bad joints mode of moving around on the slippery rocks. Here is a picture of the wet rocks he was playing FOOL upon.

If you go out to the end of most jetties on the Gulf Coast the waves can be spectacular and dangerous as they break onto the rocks. Even thought the waves were running small at 3 feet, they could easily wash your rock and barnacle shredded body  out to sea for special adventures with the sharks.

We meandered around on the two jetties and the little sand beach between them without finding much of special interest. We guessed that the super high tides of the last few days must have taken the “good stuff” home with them when they left the area.

We forced the OFM to get off the jetty and meander the main beach a bit. At least on the main beach we found a few things of interest. Shells were in short supply but we did see a few areas of crushed shells, broken sand dollars and other things. Here is the picture.

The part that really caught the Teams fascination was these critter holes.

We have no idea what made them but there was lots of the holes along the high water line of the beach. If anyone knows, please let us all know what lives down there.

After some good meandering on the beach the OFM was starting to hurt a bit from the jetty silliness so we headed back to Sierra. We took the long way back to the Castle so we traveled a loop on this adventure. The total miles was right at 150. This is Texas so the distances seem to always be at least triple digits. But some days like today the trying to have tooooo much fun can also triple up.

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