Morning Peace

Morning  Peace



Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 10/7/2018 
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Last evening was a real corker as the old saying goes. We had two totally different evening skies to admire. One was a wild burst of color and shapes of unbelievable styles. This one was to our westerly direction (Mexico).

Then at the same time over to our southish direction was a myriad of cloud banks, thunder heads and lightning battles. That battle went on for a couple of hours and the light show was great.

The OFM added another day to our stay so we will leave tomorrow. At this moment we plan to boondock close by for the next little while.  The rain forecasts keep changing every four hours or so. To the Teams that means we need to sit still and out of the way until the bad weather is gone.

In the meantime you can count on the OFM Teams being out searching for having tooooo much fun.

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