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Spine Tingles

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/16/18
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The warm bay water interacted with the cold wet north wind to gives us some serious fog banks. This is a view from Rockport Beach out to a oil platform in the bay a couple of miles out. Notice the fog bank right on the water. It was neat to look at the different “scenes” it created as the light varied during the time.

The OFM decided it was time to bring the de-humidifier into the game. It was retrieved from the closet and put in place. The cord was plugged in the the dehumidifier went right to work.

The OFM went down to the bay to fish a little. He caught a small lady fish. The wind and temps were too much this morning so he headed back to the Castle. When he stepped into the Castle, his feet splashed a little. What now? The knuckle head had forgotten to put the drain plug in place so the water removed from the air had been deposited on the floor and floor mats. It was a small mess and everything is in order with the floor mats drying.

Late morning found the OFM busy putting together a big pot of pork chop stoop. He changed the recipe a little this time and WOW it is good. Enough was made that he had a bowl for supper tonight and these containers had a meal size amount each. They are cooling while waiting to be put into the Castle’s freezer for future feasts.

Now for the important news. The OFM has been piddling around trying figure what the Teams will be doing for winter fun and where the fun will be. He finally went over to the owners house and talked with them. No longer considered  a possibility is to stay at Anglers this winter. They are totally booked solid from Jan 1 through March. 

Well that helps because the OFM now does not need to consider staying here on the coast during the first months of the year. So now we know we will be meandering around Texas from no later than January 1 until sometime in March staying in the warmer weather. This means we will have a lot of chances for using the free and really cheap camping available in Texas. Some of the known places we have never been before and that thought gives the OFM tingles up his spine.

The thought just popped up....What happens after mid March? That might turn out pretty exciting also. Hmmmmm.

Seems like 2019 will start out an excellent year for trying to have tooooo much fun doesn’t it.

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