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Wonderful Beginnings

Adventure Starts: Richland, Washington
Adventure Date: 10/7/2007 to 10/7/2018
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 An fat old man backed his white truck up to the Arctic Fox 22H trailer and coupled up. A check and double check and the rig pulled out of the campground that had been the mans home for almost 3 years. The rig was headed for Alabama. There was no turning back because when the rig cleared Deadmans Pass in Oregon the highway department truck was sitting there and closed the pass due to snow.

The fat old man put the pedal to the metal and down the other side of the pass they flew, gradually becoming a team of unstoppable adventurers.

Six weeks later in the fat old man sat in his son and daughter in law’s living room  talking of the fat old man’s plans for his retired way of life. One thing led to another and The Old Fat Man Adventures blog was born and the OFM Teams came to have a name.

Yesterday was the anniversary of another team of well respected adventure seekers. Jim and Gayle of Lifes Little Adventures started on their on RV lifestyle adventure and are still going very strong. They are young folks that get to do things the OFM can only dream of these days. We recommend you visit their blog. They do a really good job of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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