Canceled Plans

Adventure Location: Spur 406 Campground, Lake Amistad, TX
Adventure Date: 10/3/2018
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Adventures are piling up so we cleaned out a few and saved a few for later. Today we rolled from Davis Mountains SP toward Del Rio. We are in no hurry but we have accomplished the “Task of the Trip”. It was to establish the OFM’s altitude limit again. We did it and it was not as good as in the past. So the planned “higher elevation” things had to be canceled. The decision last night was to head back to Del Rio  and get reliable internet to gather info to make a decision.

Thus we rolled at 0830 this morning doing a blinding 56 mph. When lunch time rolled around we pulled into a picnic area and had a great lunch. The view was not too bad either.


Then it was back on the road with the spot for tonight not chosen yet. As we rolled along many spots were considered. The OFM wanted to boondock since the high temp was within his limit of 85.   So when Spur 406 campground turn off came into sight we went to check out that as a possible nights rest. It turned out to be decent, so we pulled in and set up.

As you can see it is another really crowded campground. We are in site 2 and back up the road way over in the mesquite is hidden site 1 with a tent camper in it.

We got the Castle set up so the nice breeze blows right through the cabin. It should be some great sleeping tonight. This camping spot has the only Dispersed Camping on the lake. It is also free but it is rough. It is on a peninsula that is under water when the lake is full. Since it has been years since the lake was full you will see it is grown up quite nicely.

Spur 406 runs through the campground and on down into the lake. The dispersed camping entrance goes from Spur 406 off and running around on the peninsula. Before it grew up so much the OFM ran around on it to check it out. There must be room for thirty rigs in there.

A couple of hundred yards up the dirt road is the only toilet facility out there. You can camp right next to it if you want. There are no designated spots to camp.

A little past the toilet starts the main part of the camping area.  This dirt road winds all over the place and over several layers of rocks here and there. It is a just pick a spot and set up type of place.

The road is drive able with most vehicles until it rains then no vehicle has any business on it. There are some old ruts in there that a bulldozer would disappear if it got in them.

It was another great driving day. We will go back to finish the remaining adventures soon. Meanwhile we are having a wonderful time trying to have tooooo much while boondocking again.

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