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Huge Attitude

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/21/18
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Huge attitudes are abundant in Chihuahua dogs and some fish as you will see. The day was very cool in the morning so other chores were attacked. The last campground to check was checked and deemed OK. So that chore is over. Then a few other things were done and right after lunch  the Teams hit the wooden Beach pier.

Not much was happening. But the OFM got in a lot of casting practice. Then just before leaving with no action, something hit the 1/4 oz gold spoon. It turned out to be a small croaker. Croaker are great eating when they are large enough to have some serious meat on them. This foolish fish was only about seven inches long. They are pretty fish in our opinion.

It swims with its relatives again. Notice it is not much bigger than the lure.

We started on back on the pier with the OFM casting now and them. Suddenly we had another fish on and this one was putting on a spectacular show of activity. However it was incredibly small. That lure is about 3 inches long.

These pinfish make good bait for larger fish but we just wanted to leave. It went back  into the water also.

The fishing was fun since we caught two fish and got to spend time visiting with two other fishermen on the pier.

After this we stopped at a friend’s place and had another good visit. The net result was a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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