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Wild Skies at Campground


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Adventure Location: GOVERNOR’S LANDING, Amistad NRA 
Adventure Date: 10/09/18
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It was a great boondocking night and the OFM slept very well. So well that he blasted wide awake at 0920 this morning. Consultations with the weather guessers gave us the decision to go ahead and leave for Rockport. So things were put in order and away we went for the long tow.

We had a few pictures left to talk about so tonight we are taking care of reporting those small adventures.

Their is a wide trail that goes to the water under the highway 90 bridge over Amistad. The OFM started down it just doing a great job of meandering when along comes Mom and two kids having fun. They hurried down to the water to get in some play time. 

The OFM noticed the black stain where the full lake water line would be. It is a good ways up there isn’t it.

Along the trail was hordes of flutterbys. We do not know if it is a butterfly or a moth but it is pretty coloring.

At another spot the OFM noticed that a tall grass stem had caught on a spider web. The wind was blowing pretty good but that spider web strand was standing up to the wind just fine. That was a very interesting picture to get while the wind was blowing strongly.

And last but far from least is this nice close up of a patch of thorns swaying in the breeze. 

Those are on a blackbrush plant and they are every bit as mean as they look. The Teams know first hand that playing in the blackbrush is not a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Amazing water-line picture. Lord help the Rio Grande and those folks who live on both sides.

    1. Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila depends on the Rio Grande (they call it Rio Bravo) as their only water source. Their local government does a great job of promoting water preservation and has many campaigns to that end.

      Del Rio is privileged to have San Felipe Springs as their main water source. If you are ever in Del Rio I urge you or any other reader to try our local water, it is one of the best in Texas.

  2. I am so glad to hear that you finally gave Governors Landing a chance to host you.

    Though narrow in my personal opinion the best campground at Amistad NRA.

  3. That water line is a telling story and one that is pretty amazing. I cannot comprehend something that low. Glad you were able to stay out of the 'gulf weather'.

  4. The bridge picture is no a good sign. I found this on the internet:
    "Texas had the warmest summer of any state in the U.S. going back to when modern records began in 1895 and set more than 4,000 hot temperature records in August alone." So, I guess it was so hot that all the rain that tried to fall turned into steam before it could hit the ground (grin).