Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/15/18
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The cold front was due in Rockport at 0900 this morning. The OFM wanted to get in a bit of fishing before the front hit so we left the Castle about 0815 for the Beach fishing pier.

On the way to the pier we saw a shrimp boat on the way back to the harbor.

Apparently it was a very successful morning of dragging a shrimp trawl. All those birds indicate a lot of catch is being culled and that usually means shrimp on board.

After grabbing that picture Sierra got us down to the pier and parked. A bit of rod rigging and away we went with the OFM in his standard fishing clothing, shorts and a tee shirt. We made it about twenty feet out onto the pier when one of the Team mentioned the black cloud to our south.

YIKES. The OFM made a cast and just as the lure hit the water, the wind shifted to northerly, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees from the 83 it had been and a lite freezing cold rain began. That OFM can move fast when he needs to. He got the lure reeled in and the Fishing Team back to Sierra in about 2 seconds. Thirty seconds later we were all safe in Sierra and the outside temperature was showing 58 on Sierra’s dash.

We took a bit of a ride to check out the park and saw these seagulls hunkered down weathering the first few blasts of the cold air arriving.

They did not seem to be having tooooo much fun.

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