Super Relaxation Updated

Adventure Location: Indian Lodge, Davis Mountains State Park, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/1/2018
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 A couple of nights decent rest put the OFM back in shape for having fun again. So it is time to do some catch up on the past adventures.

Indian Lodge is a motel inside of Davis Mountains State Park in Fort Davis, Texas. It is a beautiful building set in a beautiful location. The interior is just plain fantastic with all the natural surfaces of different types of local rocks and wood. The building is a nice attraction itself.

The entry from the front parking lot looks like this.

There are two other parking lots carved from the side of the mountain with their own beauty. The OFM failed to get a picture to show them to his readers.

As you walk up into the entry area there is a large planter that normally has flowers in bloom to ease your mind.

The flowers this time were on the downside of the bloom but the multitude of fragrances were in full power. Check this set of blooms.

For the OFM the main courtyard is a great attraction. It is really peaceful and beautiful. To the left in this picture is a covered raised patio with a garden swing and a few tables and chairs. It is a great place to sit to enjoy a refreshing drink, use your computer for internet, or even (as the OFM has done in the past) kick back a little and take a wonderfully relaxing nap.

If you finally get relaxed enough to want some exercise, all that is needed is walk about fifty feet out the back door and you have several miles of trails running around the area with great views. It is a very nice place for trying to have tooooo much fun.......relaxing.

About 1600 the OFM decided to throw together some Pork Chop Stoup to finish off a great day.

Saturday Night Sunset in Del Rio, TX.

Good night.

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