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Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/17/18
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The migraine hit as we were on the way to have breakfast, so the OFM had to rethink the goals of the day. Back at the Castle he began to gently research the local campgrounds to see what is available now days. Between Hurricane Harvey a year and a half ago and new construction, the campground scene had really changed around here. The prices had gone from prices to PRICES. $400 a month and up is very common now. Over on the island at Port Aransas the sites run from $600-$1100 a month. YIKES.

We took Sierra out to look at most of the new or repaired places and we got an eyeful. This area is no longer the nice fairly priced fishing area. It is now the high prices low value of a TOURIST TRAP. 2019 should be an interesting year, the OFM says again.

After all that it was back to the Castle and a surprise visit from some old friends. That was a very welcome change.

Later in the late afternoon when it warmed up to blizzard cold of 60 the Teams hit up the fishing pier at the Rockport Beach. It was redfish time it turned out. The 1/4 oz gold Johnson Silver Minnow fishing spoon did a great job of getting the fish to hit it. The situation was that they were all 12 -14 inch redfish and way to far below the minimum size allowed of 20 inches long. They are a pretty fish in our opinion and definitely have the idea they are big enough to handle anything that comes their way. We landed three. They are labeled as smallest, biggest and floppiest since one of them would not hold still for a good picture. They are all back with the rest of the fishes growing up.




Tonight the migraine tiredness is pounding hard on the OFM so he is planning an early horizontal position as the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun tonight.

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