Naps are Miracle Healers

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/23/18
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The OFM was doing better after the fitful nights sleep. So we started the day off gently. Things were happening but we took it easy and rolled around the area just watching the high winds and rain fall. Then about 1000 the OFM just had to take a nap. And a solid two hours of sleep it was.

 But an empty stomach was calling so we went off to lunchland for a belly filling. A little shopping at Walmart went well. Then back at the Castle the bed talked the OFM into another nap. This nap went extremely well for 2 1/2 hours. When the OFM woke up he was doing about 97%. The fishing pier called and away we went. He caught one undersize speckled trout and visited with a nice fellow from Michigan.

Supper time came around and it was stoup time, pork chop stoup that is.

Pork Chop Stoup

And wow was it excellent. Here it is 2000 in the evening and the OFM is doing great. Two long naps and a big bowl of stoup certainly was a nice cure for what ailed him.

Now tomorrow we can work harder at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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