Getting Ready


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 12-08-2022

The first walk early this morning was not much. We took three bags of trash to the dumpsters planning on hitting the paved path from there. However the slight drizzle and very gray skies decided we would go back to the Castle and think again.

It gave us time to touch up Deep Blue Blossom and get it ready to meet the world. This is a from scratch painting that has been in progress for quite a while as the OFM learned other things on some of the art efforts shown recently.

As the weather got less nasty the OFM decided he could handle getting the tires to the correct pressure for our next rolling event. So we took the air compressor out of the outside storage compartment and plugged it in and the noise began. It is a loud little thing but it does the job. As it was filling, the OFM went back into the Castle and looked up our calculated air pressure required to verify the correct pressure to use now days. It is 45 to 50 psig. for the weight we are rolling.

We kept the neighborhood from having good afternoon naps while we were running the compressor. It took three refills of the compressor tank to top off all five tires. They do not leak hardly at all but the last time we filled them was in the very hot summer weather and this cooler weather takes them down about 5 psig. So we put them back where they belong. And now the Castle is ready to be coupled and rolled. The inside mess still has to be worked on in the next day or two but that is likely only an hour or less chore to get squared away.

The OFM learned a new lesson on supper salads tonight. Pay more attention to the quantities of the things he is putting in the salad bowl for the meal. He loaded the bowl with about 50% to much of each item included in the meal. It looks like the OFM needs to learn to regulate his estimates of quantity of components of the salads a LOT better. We are a swollen tummy tonight BIG time.

The grands are starting four weeks of non-stop visiting relatives this weekend. That is some exciting Christmas celebrations they have.

For the rest of us, MERRY CHRISTMAS and try hard to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I sympathize with the other people at the campground. I very well remember discussions with my husband about using that LOUD air compressor in campgrounds on our trips from Texas to MN. There is not a good time for the noise, but surely early morning is the worst! Nevermind that it might be convenient for us to air up the tires at that time! Good for you to have the issue of tires taken care of.