Medical and Travel Report


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 12-06-2022

The OFM was nervous about this mornings visit with the doctor. We made it to the office in good time and safely. Then the assistant administered a set of checking tests on things. When she took the eye pressure she got readings of left eye 18 and right eye 21. That 21 is the highest acceptable reading to have without fear of glaucoma developing. Last time that eye was at 18 also.

So we waited for our turn with the doctor. The doc is a young fellow but he seems to know his stuff very well. When he showed up in about five minutes he acted like he had all day to work on my troubles. We discussed all the parts of the OFM injuries etc. The final judgment is that the cataract surgery part of both eyes is healed and ready to be called finished.

The healing of the damaged eye ball is not ready to be called finished yet. So the OFM will be using a one drop dose every night for six months and come back for another look see. The target of the treatment is glaucoma prevention. In the meantime just go out and have fun and do the drops.

All the other drops are finished. The OFM can handle this without a log book and a check off page to make sure all the medicine is taken properly. SO NOW WE ARE CLEARED TO ROLL MEDICALLY.

Then from the docs office we headed to the vision center at Walmart in Decatur and ordered glasses that should be in in about 7 days they predict. If the glasses are correct then WE WILL BE READY TO ROLL PER EYESIGHT REQUIREMENTS

Then we called the grandkid land parents to check on that we have done all that was planned for Christmas and the Teams are CLEARED TO ROLL ON THAT.

Rent was due on the campsite today and the OFM went over to the office to ask to pay tomorrow after we get in the last of the scheduling this evening so we can extend the best amount we need to. By the time we hit the bed tonight we will know when we will be rolling again and the proper amount of more time will be paid for. So now we need a bit of a plan to responsibly ROLL WITHOUT A LOT OF PRE-RESERVED SITES. That should be finished tomorrow so that when the new glasses come in we will be TOTALLY CLEARED TO ROLL. Good grief that sounds nice doesn't it.

It seems that the major goal for a few days is square the Castle away and get all the running gear all ready. Since we will be heading southward the weather will be getting warmer every day we roll and we like that idea. The only positive destination is to go to Rockport Texas for a bit to visit old friends. After that we think we will meander over to the Rio Grande River and slowly head upstream until some place grabs our attention. Now that sounds like a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun to us.


  1. Glad you are OK for heading out! And only one drop a day....do-able for sure. Best wishes.

  2. Why is it that I sometimes press "publish", am told that my comment is being published, but it doesnt seem to be?

    Second try. I hope all goes to plan. For sure you will be glad to get on the road and head south. And, for sure, your friends in Rockport will be glad to see you!

  3. Great to hear the medical things are going well!