Good Lunch


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 12-11-2022

It was not an exciting day due to the rain off and on all day. But we did get out for a short grocery run to start the stocking up for the run to Rockport when it happens soon (we hope).

After the grocery restocking the trash/garbage cans needed to be dumped. The campground folks do trash runs three times a day but in between the stupid tree rats make a mess of the trash bags sitting by the road waiting. So we start a lot of our walks with a walk down to the dumpsters and on to the walking paths from there. That is what happened today. With the slight rain drizzle we decided on the paved path that loops back to the main entrance and then back to the Castle. It is not far but it is pleasant.

Today we noticed most of the trees in this location were without leaves except for a very few clusters of color holding out. So tonight we get to see the three clumps of colorful leaves along the long path we walked.

Lunch turned out well with a large tortilla on a plate. Then some of the salad mix from the grocery store, some Honey Mustard salad dressing, slices of seasoned ham of our choice this morning, sliced ripe olive rolled in the tortilla and DEVOURED. Three big hot mugs of hot green tea was the beverage

Then it was drizzling outside so we worked on some alternate travel plans we could use if we choose. The weather is the worst time of the year to be on the road in our opinion but it is what we have to work with. It will be better than sitting here for two months of COLD and wet weather. We still plan to drop down to Rockport first and then get busy roaming.

The new glasses arrival will set when we get rolling and they should be here next week. In the mean time the Teams will be hard at trying to have tooooo much fun with whatever we have to work with right now. MERRY CHRISTMAS.


  1. Glad to see you have had a good walk and some good food. Even though it was damp out there. Have you ever been to Ft Clark Springs in TX? I don't like the term "gated community" very much, but I do like the word "springs" and photos of clear running water....especially in TX. Ha. Never been there...I think it was known as Bracketville before John Wayne and the Alamo movie.

  2. I am fairly familiar with that settlement since around 1975. Rusty78609 has a home there and covered it well on his blog. Bracketville is the town right across the hwy 90 from fcs. I even camped there once. about year 2000.

  3. All that hidden colour helps give you a day for having tooooo much fun.
    Slow travels during wet weather is a Safe idea.
    It might be wise waiting a few days after the new glasses arrive just in case they need correction.
    That will also give you more time to enjoy the Grands closer to the big day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. The grands have so many relatives that they are all booked up until after Jan1, 2023.

  5. Not advocating anything but there are a lot of tree rat stew recipes out there... a folding wrist rocket sling shot & some marbles... :-)