Color Photo at End


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 12-26-2022

This is flat wrong. It is an OFM foot print in SNOW on the step of the Castle.

It has been an interesting day. We worked with the frozen sewer line a bit but no luck in getting it flowing yet. Tomorrow is supposed to be 47F for a high and Wednesday 56F so those temps should start something to flow we hope. We did little chores this morning as well as slept a bit late for a change. Then we took off for Burger King for lunch. It was good and the folks friendly so we took our time with finishing lunch.

As we were leaving it started to snow lightly. On the way back to the Castle it got more intense with the snow until the roads were a little slippery and the OFM got extra careful with the empty bed truck. By the time we got back to the campground area it was snowing enough we took a drive down by the river area and got to see the frozen water and snow laying on everything. We are talking about about a half inch is all. But there was a lot of slippery sheet ice on the ground to get you a busted backside if you were very careful.

As we pulled in to our campsite we could see the snow accumulating on the front of the Castle.

Now it is a known fact that the OFM considers snow to be a major evil item in this world. When we got to the door of the Castle we took a picture of the campsite covered in white garbage. Then when going into the Castle the OFM made the foot print you saw at the first of the blog.

We just piddled around inside doing a few chores and trying to stay out of trouble.

Finally as the daylight was fading we took this final picture of the campground out our front door.

Color Photo believe it or not.

It could be a really interesting day tomorrow if it really gets up to 47F. We could stand some warmer weather to help us with the trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Ah, I thought you would be out of the bad stuff sooner than today. Guess not. Here's hoping for that 47 degrees for you. It's supposed to be 59 here tomorrow. That will feel very toasty.