Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Rolled Back Where We Came From


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 12-29-2022

Yep we got an early start this morning and rolled about 75 feet back to where we had been camped since July 7 until yesterday. Now we are good to stay here for another 179 days. That means we hope to roll southward in the next week or so.

After with a nice long talk with the OFM's son last night we headed for the WalMart pharmacy where we do most of our medical shopping. They are a good crop of folks that take good care of us. The question was a review to be certain the OFM is totally up to date on all his preventative shots like Covid. Turns out he was right on time for the Covid booster. So we got that taken care of. Now he is all up to date on all his suggested immunizations. To top off the visit the OFM received a handful of Covid home test kits to help keep him safe. Medicare pays 100% on all this stuff now days.

We had never even seen a home test kit in action before so we had to read the instructions before using the kit. The instructions had very clear written instructions and excellent visual images. They were so good that that OFM (old fool man) was able to use the kit correctly on the first ever try.

The good news is that the test did not show any covid in him to worry about. Wow that was a nice result.

Late this evening the sky went wild but the OFM did not have time to get down by the river to show the sky properly so in desperation he took a few quick photos through the leaf barren trees to our westerly direction. It turned out to be a neat shot in our opinion.

Then to top off the good news the grand kids and their parents are due to drop by Sunday afternoon for a bit of a visit. Now that sounds like a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Don't know how many times I've tried to take a photo of a spectacular sunrise, where the clouds are underlit by bright orange and some purple over lays, and it's all over exposed. I think you had a bit of trouble with that too, compared to what you actually saw, but this one came out better than mine! Glad your covid test was negative.
    Be careful anyway. I've gotten four tests free...just sign up at USPS. Postal service delivers. Maybe I got them through CDC. I can't remember. Just saw something where the govt was sending them out don't have to provide anything but your name and adddress. So anybody can do it, regardless of insurance or whatever.

    1. Try spot metering for your clouds attempts. Look up the technique on the internet. Most automatic metering cameras try to use averaging metering in all situations.