Rain All Day

Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 12-14-2022

The rain started while the OFM was sleeping last night and it is still going at 1900. It is not really hard rain but slow and steady with no let up. Here is a pic taken about noon while fixing our lunch.


Lunch was tortilla rollups. Yesterday was the last large tortilla so we had to fix two smaller models for lunch. The OFM is adaptable so he could eat them anyway.

For a bit this morning the OFM was down about the plans being shot to pieces but on second thought it came to him that he will get a visit or two with the grands before he rolls now. After consulting the calendar carefully and the weather history it looks like we should be in good rolling shape soon after January 1. That would be ok with us. At least the OFM Teams can still go out meandering wherever they choose.

The continuous rain at least got us a lot of good art time and we finished a coloring we named Rabbits.

We are looking forward to tomorrow and the new eye prescription to see if we can identify what our problem is on the vision stuff. It would be nice to hit the road with good vision for a change while looking for tooooo much fun.



  1. I like "rabbits", nice job on the tree especially. Balance problems are no joke, but you can still have fun with your close to home trekking idea. You might check out Cheaha State Park halfway between Birmingham and Atlanta up in the mountains - pretty country. Linda