Grand Kid Pics


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 12-15-2022

Well, the Eye Center and the OFM have had another go round. They sort of win this battle but will not be getting good marks in any referral situation involving the OFM. The net end is we will do our one return in June to see the doctor once more and all ties will be cut with that operation.

For now the Teams will start our return to Texas to begin the 2023 journeys in mid January with a stop in Rockport. Then after that we expect to meander on to the Rio Grande River and northward from Falcon Lake.

A couple of neat pictures came in recently. They are of the Christmas gathering a few days ago.

This is Grand Daughter Piper making the OFM smile.

This next one is with GS Gavin and GD Piper just before opening a couple of presents.

Both of those two are doing gymnastics for the school for fun.

For those who notice the red thing in the cabinet in the back left corner, it is a 3D printer that the family uses to build things around the house. They have a lot of ways for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Barney, I SO MUCH appreciate the photos of the kids! I feel a tiny bit of ownership here-----have been watching them grow up. Incredible how fast that is happening, Seems like such a short time ago that Piper was just a precious baby. By the way, the Old Man in the photos looks pretty good, too! You didn't say what happened about glasses. A new prescription? Or that line about "you have to get used to them"? I've been down that road..

    1. I did mention about them in a blog or so ago. They are not right but adequate until I can replace them.

    2. I thought you were going to see someone who had bailed you out before on prescriptions before. A woman. I remember that. Well, apparently it didn't go well. Or.....I misread some stuff.

    3. The first paragraph of tonight's blog sums it all up.