The Latest Plan


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 12-10-2022

It was not precipitating this morning when the OFM Teams got going. In fact it turned out to be a nice 2.5 mile walk around part of the golf course loop road. It was cool when we left the Castle but before we got to the turnaround point it was a wonderful temperature whatever it was. The OFM managed a brisk pace the whole way WITHOUT any joint pain anywhere in his body.

There was nothing on the agenda for today so we messed around in the Castle for a bit and then got started on the current art attempt. We even opened the window next to us so the refreshing air could come in for a visit.

We made good progress on the project but a couple of more have been moved into our line of fire for attempts at drawing them. It will be wonderful to have new challenges of a different kind. Drawing is not new to the OFM since he was a petrochemical plant design draftsman for many years but drawing natural things is a new challenge that will be interesting.

We had just returned from a good pulled pork, cole slaw and potato salad lunch at Lawlers when the skies opened up. We swung the Castle door open took a quick picture and latched it closed. It seemed like it rained for four hours at least.

So we went back at the art efforts. Naturally our main goal is to wait for the new glasses so we can get ready and roll. But with the rain we stayed inside and dry.

We have thought of a couple of things we may do tomorrow like stock the Castle with travel food. When we are moving we like to have food that does not need to be cooked to fix enroute. We try to keep our cooking to when we are camped and unhitched. It seems to work pretty well for us. The run from someplace west to/from grandkid land is the only time we normally take more that one day between stays someplace. So we eat tortillas filled with ready made stuff for those short night stops when on the road.

As evening came along we realized that many of the blogs are now about where the folks are heading for the winter stay. They are staying at easy day travel distances at places that we might like to stay also when the travel allows it. So we have been gathering more ideas for short 2-3 days spots to visit out west. We like to think we will put that info to use this year.

Our latest plan is to get back to Rockport TX to visit old friends and catch a couple million fish Then when the weather is right move on westward until it is time to head for grand kid land again from wherever we are at that time.

Hopefully the OFM will stay healthy enough this year to do a lot of trying to have tooooo much fun on the road for a change.


  1. Hey Barney! (Sounds much better than oldfatman) Glad to see you are doing well. I'm finally getting back onto the computer and wanted to say HELLO! You getting ready to run away? Glad your eye surgery went well and you're about to go "rolling" again. I'm the old BK girl if that helps you remember me. Just wanted to say hello and see how all was going. I'm headed for Gatlinburg, TN on Monday. Going to go enjoy the beautiful lights. If you've never been, it is GORGEOUS! Just wanted to say.....Glad we met (one of the good things of my work), please be careful on the road, and


  2. I will always remember my friend. I'll be checking in......enjoy them grands!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!