Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Freeze Protection Time


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 12-20-2022

As the OFM was sitting there wondering what to do he noticed the kitchen area was in need of a big face lift (cleaning) so he went to work. The area was cleared of stuff and the scrubbing brush came out and got busy. The spatters etc from cooking wonderfully delicious meals was all made to disappear and not even by turning the lights out. Soon the area was clean again for the century and the stuff that belongs there was soon back in place. It looks a lot nicer there now.

A bit later the very nice young man who is a campground do everything person stopped by with a message he is handing out to all the campground occupants.

We took the message and told him thank you. It seems that a lot of folks have no idea how to weather a bit of cool weather without letting water lines rupture in their campsite. The part we did do is insulate the plastic supply pipe where it comes out of the ground. We had to go round up the insulation and quick ties from Walmart after stopping for a baked potato at Lawlers nearby. Back at the Castle we got the valve “insulated” and put the excess supplies into the outside storage.

While we were at Walmart we checked on our latest new glasses and they we in. So we got them and hesitantly tried them on for prescription. They were exactly perfect. So we now have our traveling glasses in hand. That is one more trouble finally out of the way. Now we have mostly weather in the way. We will see what happens with that.

It has been funny talking with the folks here in the campground about the cold weather we will have for a couple of days and the “interesting “ things they do to prevent things from freezing. Then they ask what is the OFM going to do. He tells them his idea but that will not work they say. Well it did for three winters up in Washington state when the OFM was living up there in his travel trailer and it got a lot colder longer than a three day dip in temperature down here in north Alabama. So far the OFM has managed to keep from laughing in front of them.

We plan to get down to some serious rolling planning again since all we know of now to hold us back is a package due in Christmas eve and the special package from the grand kids family between Christmas and New Years.

Since the fall in late August that messed up the right eye to now has been lots of frustration. The damaged eye is still not completely healed but it is being treated by eye drop medication we can administer while roaming. So we can get busy rolling and trying to have tooooo much fun lots of places.


  1. Congratulations on the glasses!!! (I've been one-eyed most of my life, except for some peripheral vision in the bad one, so you can do this!! hang in there, especially if there's a chance the drops can improve the damaged eye.)

    As it's supposed to be a low of 7 in a couple of days, I put those foam things on my outside faucets yesterday. They are so easy to put on, and worked nicely during the 0 Degrees a couple of years ago. At least this spell is supposed to be short. So now, I'm wondering, WHAT exactly is it that people tell you won't work. And WHAT did you do in Washington state???

    1. In Washington all I had to do is let the water dribble very slowly from a faucet inside my trailer. The stream was about the size of a pencil lead is all. It amounted to less than a gallon an hour. In fact I captured a lot of the dribble and used it in my daily cooking and cleaning so it was not even wasted.
      I have noticed those foam faucet covers work really well at capturing the heat coming from the house.