Towing Mirrors


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 12-19-2022

Today was a frustrating day for trying to get things ready to roll again. A friend from down in Rockport Tx called to check on things and now he knows we don't know when we will get there, again. We will not attempt another plan to adhere to. The only thing we know for sure is that our rent runs out on January 13 and something will have to be done that day.

The cold that is coming is supposed to have a couple of single digit nights during the Christmas time period. That might get interesting. We know the Castle handles multiple 20F nights with no trouble so we ought to be just fine again.

The OFM did get a nice surprise when he hopped into Sierra to make a run to the store for some eye cleansing wipes for some irritation in his eyes. Just as soon as he started to head onto the driveway from the campsite he noticed how much better view of traffic lanes he had with the towing mirrors in place.

Then out on the road to the store it made itself more apparent that the mirrors do lots of good in general. That last removal may be the last they ever get removed again.

A word from the recently experienced at shipping things. Do not count on the first shipping schedule you get to have much to do with the schedule that is finally executed. Do not plan big events around a shipping schedule at this time of the year. Arrival dates seem to have no meaning lately. A lot of stuff gets shipped to and from campgrounds at Christmas time and this year is a mess. However so far everything has arrived at the destination eventually and not been left floating in never never land.

We need to be more diligent at trying to have tooooo much fun around here.

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