Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 12-02-2022

Every now and then something happens and suddenly The OFM knows it is time to simplify the living space again. During breakfast preparation he noticed some things in the kitchen cabinet we have not touched in years. OK time to rethink our current needs. At one time we used these items enough to purchase them. Now that time is well past so it is time to get rid of them. So out of one two door overhead cabinet a full Walmart grocery bag of excess stuff left the Castle.

We started an inventory of the food supplies in our two door overhead cabinet across the Castle from the cabinet above. All the packaged food was pulled out along with the plastic storage containers. Once again lifestyle changes came into play. We seemed to have more storage containers than we need by about 200 %. We carefully messed around with the containers and everything we could figure out is when we updated several plastic container units we had several full ones of food items like brown rice etc. Apparently we used ups the food and put the new purchases in the same containers as before and did not put the new stuff into use. Now many months or years later we notice all the spare containers. So we chose from the stock of containers those which seemed to fit our lifestyle best. This session got rid of over half of these storage containers. They filled another Walmart bag and a half. Keep in mind that the Castle living space is only 20 feet long by 7.5 feet wide.

Then it was time to look into the big closet in the bathroom. We did find excess clothes in the boxes on the upper shelf. Again a lifestyle change caused excess clothing and we filled another Walmart bag and a half with not needed clothing. Now we will have to wash clothes at least every two weeks.

The best we can tell is the OFM has been very lazy about cleaning out old stuff when it proved unneeded any more.

Now for the bigger news. We went over to the optical shop we like to use here in Alabama and checked on wait times for appointments and ordering times on getting new glasses. A few other minor scheduling things were plotted out on a calendar. If the doctors prediction that next Tuesday will be our last day he will need to see the OFM and we can run and play as we want comes true, then we can get on the road the week before Christmas Day if the weather is good.

Jerry C identified the leaf bundles in the trees as squirrel nests. Research showed that the tree rats are pretty clever architecture students. They build nests for birthing and winter living. It was interesting reading during our rest moments from house clearing today.

We also got in a nice but short chilly mile and a half walk today. This picture is of the huge flight of white pelicans that were flying along Flint Creek as we walked the trail along the creek. There was about five times as many birds as the camera could capture in one picture. It was pretty neat to see.

Now it seems that we might need to do some preparation for travel things so when we get the opportunity to roll nothing will slow us down from trying to have tooooo much fun rolling.


  1. I wish I could motivate myself tp de-clutter but I'm afraid Walmart bags wouldn't cut it. Need a dump truck! But what a great feeling after it's done.