First Gymnastics Competition


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Adventure Date: 12-18-2022

Big news today. Grand Son Gavin won two bronze medals and forth overall in his first ever gymnastics competition in Birmingham this weekend. That is a wonderful achievement for him. Grandpa is all giggly over it.

We will be darned, something else odd unplanned happened happened this afternoon. The OFM was working over the calendar this afternoon when suddenly things sort of fell in place about our next couple of weeks here. The OFM jumped up all excited and grabbed the trailering mirrors for Sierra and hopped out in the winter air to install them on Sierra again. The biggest surprise was he was able to remember how to fit them on the mirrors, make that the correct door mirrors without have to get on the internet to relearn how to do it. Doesn't Sierra look nice with the traveling mirrors on it again.

We still do not have a departure date but it looks very likely it could happen right before New Years Day (maybe).

With all this excitement this afternoon the OFM decided to try getting in a walk in spite of the chill in the breeze.

Away we went. The soccer field was getting some good use in the bright sunshine and cool breeze. We were bit chilled yet but those folks practicing were sweating.

As we got near the trail start we could see that the lake was back up to slightly overfull. So the lake level is very close to a small flood level and could be in trouble with a strong rain anytime soon. However there were several pretty views this evening.

The OFM managed to get in one of his usual walks of 2.49 miles. But with the way he wobbles around we call it 2.5 miles including the wobbles. The most interesting part is our speed was decent. About 65 minutes for the whole thing including quick stops for pictures, However he could feel that he had missed a few walks in the last few days.

It certainly did feel good being to get outside during a very nice day to search for tooooo much fun.


  1. Walks are always good, but be carefull - a few more good days and you might get the zoomies!