Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-12-2020
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The OFM grabbed the camera and headed out to the walking trail in the campground to take some pictures of trees for reference.  His knee is acting up so he kept it a short walk. That does not mean he stayed out of trouble.

First off he was wandering with the camera to his eye looking for just the right view. OOPS,OW, OOOOH, GOOD GRIEF THAT HURTS.  The fool had wandered into an old dead Stab You plant. After he got the thorns out of his leg and arms we took a picture to remind him what to look out for.

Check out them strong sharp 3“+ long thorns. It is definitely not the right place to play around not paying attention to where you are going.  

Shortly after the thorn incident, he was pushing branches etc around for a good focus on whatever it was he wanted a picture of. We hollered at him LOOK OUT FOOL. So he paused and looked around and went GASP.  He was just about to grab this caterpillar. That is one mean looking bug isn’t it.

We tried to find out what kind it was by researching on the Internet.  A picture of the critter was found but the photographer was asking for info on what kind of bug it was. So we still do not know what kind of caterpillar it was.  At least the OFM was more careful after that.

In fact he just walked on back to the Castle and had a big drink of Root Beer.

Well we now have a couple of more things to add to the list of DO NOT MESS WITH THESE items for the list of items to stay away from for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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