Check Engine Light

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-17-2020
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Definitely a day of events so to speak. Sierra got the OFM Shopping Team to Walmart in good shape. We went in and picked up a load of fresh vegetables for next week. When we got into Sierra and started the engine, the “Check Engine” light was on. It was not on when we got there.  Now What?

Back at the Castle we put the food away and checked the Internet and Sierra’s manual for clues as to what was wrong.  We checked the log book for maintenance we might have missed and noticed the air filter was way overdue. So a new filter was purchased and installed. The surprise was that the old filter looked brand new with no dirt showing in the filter fabric. We changed it out anyway. 

 The manual also said that the gas tank cap may be worn and leaking.  So the OFM cleaned the cap surfaces off very carefully. They had a little coat of dust on them so a cleaning was due. The manual said to drive Sierra for a tankful of gas and see if the engine light turns off.  If it doesn’t, then take Sierra to a shop for testing and repair.

Two rigs left here today. One headed for who knows where and the next door neighbor headed for Alabama by way of the Natchez Trace. I wished them good luck.

Tomorrow we hope to have a chance to put in some good effort toward completion (or quitting) on a painting that is in progress. It is a simple painting but has been a pain to get the technique correct. Is that really fun???

2020 is a year to remember for a long time in the OFM world.  However tomorrow we are heading to some walking trails on the lake for a strong effort at trying to have tooooo much fun exercising and looking around.

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