Fall Bench


Pecos River Overlook

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-08-2020
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The Amistad Reservoir is 41 feet low as of today.  Just to get Sierra in a short road trip to play on the highway, we went to the Pecos River Overlook at the Hwy. 90 high bridge. Sure enough the water did not even get up to the boat ramp.

Most likely from the looks of it, the water was ankle deep and the desert dust (silt) was waste deep. That would be most undesirable to play in.

Naturally we had to look upstream and see the bridge and what looks like lots of water. The upstream is a good bit deeper than the down stream due to the mouth of the river filling with the silt.

We piddled around at the overlook for a little bit then headed back to the Castle for another exciting day of lock down.  However tonight the OFM was able to “dine in” at the Burger King. It seemed odd to dine in after nearly two months of take out only. 

Tomorrow is rent day and it will be paid.  It looks like Texas and New Mexico will be doing some more opening of the states starting May 15 range. We are ready for a new area for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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