Wind Storm

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-25-2020
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It was after 2130 when we got back home to the Castle. So we are putting out a very short version of a little of today’s adventures.

This adventure started during the trip for some groceries we had forgot yesterday.  As the OFM passed by the art supplies he noticed the last box of Soft Pastels was marked for clearance and really cheap like $4.  So he grabbed them to play with for fun.  It would be a new experience for him at a really good price.

When we got back and things put away he pulled out the pastels to see what they were about.  They looked like fun and easy to smear on some paper.  So he grabbed the cheapest art paper in the Castle and tore off a sheet to play with.

It turned out to be a fun experiment. Here is the result named Wind Storm.  That tree is having a bad day it seems to us.

This was enough fun we plan to use the soft pastels again when we are trying to have tooooo much fun.

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