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Way Too Hot

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
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WOW it got hot today.  The Castle’s AC was working just fine cycling now and then.  Then a little after lunch just before the OFM went shopping, the AC came on and it has not stopped running since and it is 1915 now.  Of course it has held the Castle down to 80F during that time. When we came out of Walmart, Sierra said that the temperature was 105F and that the OFM better park him in the shade of a tree when we get back to the campground.  And the OFM did.

Supper tonight was a wonderful salad.The basis was from a Walmart bag of mixed leafy items, black olives, fresh cut onion, sliced radishes topped with honey mustard dressing.  Root beer was the beverage. Good grief that was good.

Some of the afternoon was spent working on a new painting.  The still life type of painting is a new style for the OFM and is already proving a challenge just getting it outlined and planned. This art stuff is an everlasting effort at learning.

The last painting is ready to show for your amusement. Please do not laugh so hard you hurt yourself.

That painting started out as a watercolor pencil painting but it was not working out well.  So we switched to regular watercolor painting and it went another bad direction. After lots of consideration we brought out the colored pencils and finished it off.  Now it is finished.

It has been a busy day including some serious house cleaning, but it has also been a nice peaceful day inside the Castle trying to have tooooo much fun while staying coooool.

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