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Three Vaqueros


Still Crowded

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-31-2020
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A short distance from the rattlesnake in yesterdays blog was an old fence post that caught the OFM’s attention of being something simple enough that maybe he could do a painting of it. So he did today.

It took about four hours total and is a small painting of about 5x7 inches.  It was done totally with watercolor pencils and a waterbrush. It was a wonderful afternoons work.

The day was great here in Del Rio. No A/C was needed, just a good fan was plenty since the air is very dry.  The watercolor paints only took about 3 minutes to completely dry.

And speaking of water, this picture is at the end of Spur 454 at the recreation area.  This was taken about 1730 this afternoon.  It was still crowded at this late on a Sunday. WOW.

It has been another nice day of trying to have tooooo much fun again.


  1. The fence post looks good, Sir you have talent!

  2. Wow. Shocking what a wonderful job you did! Looks like a photo. That sky looks real! I wonder if I got some of those pencils if they would work such magic for me?

  3. Depends on how you move them with your fingers. This was done with Derwent watercolor pencils on Strathmore Bristol paper with a vellum texture.

  4. Nice result of four hours of fun! Were you surprised that amount of time went by?

    1. I was surprised at how quickly it was finished since colored pencil takes lots longer. Watercolor pencil is about twice as quick as colored pencil it seems.

  5. Appears the improved/comfortable environment, natural talent combined with an obvious enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity for the craft is producing attractive results - This ability is a gift and enjoyable to see, please continue sharing your efforts to have too much fun with us.

  6. I really like that painting. I would hang it in my house.