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Too Hot

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
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The OFM hates to try to sleep peacefully with a vehicle not in good shape. So this morning he was at it on the computer finding out about “engine” lights on vehicles. In all his time of having a vehicle with that feature this is the first time he has had the trouble.

Any way with very hot temps forecast for the afternoon, he got Sierra fixed up and running just at lunch time.  So it was lunch fixing time and then it was HOT time outside.  After a short rest the OFM Teams went to find some desert to photograph to show how miserable it can be here for the next few months.  The extreme dry air and near or over a 100 degree heat takes moisture from you faster than you can assimilate it back into your body.

For some stupid reason the OFM decided to get some short distance walking in and take a picture of the low lake and desert drought. We went to the short nature trail since it ran along a ridge that sticks out into what is supposed to be Lake Amistad.  

Here are two pictures looking roughly north and northeast from the nature trail. All the white rock cliffs and “beaches” would be covered with water at full lake level. The lake is over 45 feet low today. 


After walking the ridge and getting rather warm the OFM did not feel just right as we headed home. Here is the temp shown by Sierra on the way home.


 We feel that the nice strong EXCESSIVELY DRY breeze caused some of the misery the OFM felt. It was interesting that the normal 40--50 boat trailers at the parking lot was down to 2 and one of them was a Rangers patrol boat trailer.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be over 100F out there and we plan to be inside the Castle scribbling on paper in the AC. Now that sounds like a good thing to be doing for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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