Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-24-2020
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The OFM Fishing Team got busy early this morning and headed on down to the Spur 454 freshly opened playground.  As we drove in we noticed about a dozen vehicles scattered around the area. But our hoped for location was not being used. Sierra found a good spot in the grass to rest and the OFM grabbed rod and lures etc and started for the preferred fishing location.

The preferred fishing location has a nice underwater cliff starting right out from the current shore about six feet. We know this from when the lake was a lot more empty a few years ago.

Here is a picture of the location. It is on the left side shore about forty feet along the rocks.

We got in some good scrambling to get there and check out a couple of other spots as well. Fish were in there since we saw them swirling and jumping while we were there. However we did not get but one bump in the half hour or so we were there.

Not to long after we arrived a steady stream of vehicles were pouring into the area. It must have been forty vehicles arrived just one right after another, so it was time for the Teams to get out of there. And we did.

Back at the Castle the OFM got busy working on a painting. We had one great thing today, it was cool enough we had the windows open all day and it was wonderful.

The OFM was apparently really interested in the new painting. He worked steadily at it for hours. And finally about 1745 he finished Sweet Singer and was pleased at how it worked out.

That painting is totally watercolor pencil.  Usually the OFM has to use a colored pencil or a standard watercolor paint to help.  Maybe he is finally learning a little bit.

It has definitely been a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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