Gone Fishing

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-27-2020
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The OFM just has to go fishing he decided. So it was late afternoon and maybe the fishing area would not be as crowded as yesterday. Sierra was ready for a little romp around the lake anyway.  So we rolled gently down the road the seven miles to a parking place on top of a cliff. 

This cliff has a sort of trail diagonally across it from several years ago when the young OFM rolled a bunch of rocks out of the way to get down to the water to fish back then.  It was nice to see the trail was pretty much still there and very usable for the OLD OFM.

We made it down to the waters edge. The fishing went nicely and there were no fish harmed since we caught none of them. Some fish were working around in the water but not biting what we offered. 

From the spot at a bit of a point where the OFM chose to fish, here is the view to the left.

Then looking back to the right you had this nice view. 

The water was clear enough to see down into it about ten feet.  

After about an hour the OFM decided he was hot enough and wanted to go back to Sierra and the Castle.  He turned around and had to look up the cliff to see where Sierra was. The roof was barely visible.

Then he started up the trail and made good time up to the top without even a stumble for a change. At the top he did lean against Sierra for a minute to let his heart and lungs relax a bit before we headed for the Castle.

When we got on the road back, the OFM noticed the thermometer on the dash and took this picture.

That is enough excuse for the OFM to head for the A/C in his advanced age and decrepitness. We were happy we had made a successful effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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