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Nice Neighbors

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:05-02-2020
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Another really nice neighbor left the campground this morning bound for near Little Rock Arkansas. At least they are planning on taking a couple of weeks for the trip with stops to visit friends on the way.

There is more to yesterdays story but it is not about scenery.  It is about local critters.

The bird population around here is crazy. Birder types are out in abundance and in great frenzies because the purple double wing fly by night was in the area for them to see. They do not think it is funny when the OFM tells them the only bird he is interested in is table birds. You know, the ones that get cooked for human food.

On the trail yesterday was some friendly neighbors.

They stood there and watched until the Teams were past and headed up the road. Then they walked on into the trees and disappears. Maybe they were disappointed we did not have treats for them.

Then on the way back this little critter came out on the road a good ways from the OFM meandering along the road. The small fox went right to the opposite side of the road near this pile of rocks.  Then it stood there. In a minute or so it jumped into the grass and came out with a mouse.

In the meantime the Teams had gotten within about 50 feet. Then the fox suddenly realized we were there and darted off into the taller brush with lunch in its mouth. We thought that was a nice event to cherish.

On down the road a few hundred meters and a much larger fox came out of the grass and crossed the road and rummaged around in the grass and rocks for a bit. The Teams got to about 25 feet before the fox realized we were there. It leapt high into the air  and came down with its legs in high gear going away. Down the bank, across the dry lake bed and up the other side into the brush and trees in about a half a second. The OFM was having trouble standing since he was laughing so hard. Nope no picture of that one.

So we headed on toward Sierra. There was a late blooming patch of cactus near and  long time reader, Susan R, likes cactus flowers so we stopped to get a decent picture of the blossom. As the OFM was messing around trying to get the camera set properly, a honey bee flew into the blossom and posed for its picture also. We got lucky on the neighbors on this day.

We are very lucky to have such nice neighbors as the deer, foxes and honey bees to visit with while out trying to have tooooo much fun.

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