An Experienced Skillet

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-05-2020
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Another great day in Del Rio.  We are definitely not tired of the great but warm weather. It was good enough that the OFM got in three nice walks to help him keep losing weight. He has gone down 10 pounds since we got here. Gentle but aerobic exercise is productive.

While on one of the walks today this horrible looking critter was spotted. We call them Horny Toad and they eat lots of bad bugs. They can be gentle to handle but normally the Teams just let them carry on getting rid of ugly bugs.

During one walk inside the campground we passed the outdoor covered deck and realized that that item on the wall is a skillet.  Apparently the skillet is there in case a rattlesnake slithers through and some one fillets it and want to eat it for supper. The skillet shows years of use so it must be fine equipment.

New toys are due in tomorrow.  The OFM has lately been spending a good bit of time photographing trees that might be good examples to use for learning how to paint decent trees. The OFM has been having a fit getting a tree to look right in his painting efforts. So now we have a few good examples of trees for him to have for  drawing and painting. We all know it is just a waste of paper but it is a great way of keeping him occupied while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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