Exciting Day

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-09-2020
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WOW what an exciting morning. The OFM got up raring to go. He cooked his eggs and potatoes and layered the BBQ sauce on them and chowed down. Soon the dishes were washed and drying on the stove.

The wonderful cool morning got him out the door for 2.5 miles of walking here in the park and on the desert trail up the nearby hill.  When he came back into the park and near the office he settled up the bill due today. We signed up for another month since things are not really settled well yet.

The Teams are really enjoying this windows and door open all day and night weather we are mostly having for the last two months. We could stand this full time ya know.  Then when the  park invoice got emailed to us a few minutes after we returned to the Castle, we noticed the electric bill had gone up this month a small amount to $35 for the month. That feels good in the check book.

The best we can remember the OFM lazed around all day and Sierra lounged under the peach tree in the shade like a worn out old buffalo.

That was such an exciting day we think we will try that again for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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