Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Stoup Again

Adventure Location: Comfort Castle, Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 3-22-2020
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The drizzle rain was not forecast to go with the chilly temperature and mild breeze. So we piddled around until the OFM realized we had time and ingredients for some stoup.

So some frozen chicken was put to boiling. then when it was ready the OFM managed to cut it into small chunks without slicing his hands. It was amazing.

The chunks were put back into the water at a gentle boil to finish cooking. A spoon full of chicken powder was added to kick up the flavor of the stoup to KAZOW level like the Teams like it. The next ingredients were seasoning of choice and a package of Knorr mix.

Some chopped green onions were added along with some fresh ground black pepper. Then the stoup was cooked per the envelope of Knorr mix.

The fragrance was wonderful inside the Castle. When the cool down was finished, we sampled it and WHOOPEE it was wonderful.  One portion was put aside for lunch and one portion is in the refrigerator for another meal soon. As the OFM was eating his portion for lunch he got to wondering how some finely chopped cashew nuts would work out in this model of stoup. Hmmm. Start to finish the food preparation took 45 minutes. 

We added a bit of water during the cooking so that it would be closer to soup so some saltine crackers could be crushed and added. This is the type that the Teams use.

This evening the skies finally cleared enough that for a change that we had a sunset. It was nice but not spectacular.

And that was it for a mildly exciting day. However eating the stoup was a pretty good attempt at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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