Out of Kilter

Adventure Location: Amistad NRA Texas
Adventure Date: 3-16-2020
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Rain came with a vengeance last night. Hard rain and lightning was the story for nearly two hours. The rain we have been saying the desert needed arrived and mostly had soaked into the parched land by morning. It was a good thing for the flower explosion we hope for.

Today was a shopping re-supply date but a few items were not available due to folks putting extra in the pantry so they will not have to go shopping if they get sick. Walmart is doing a pretty good job of resupply each morning in normal quantities.

The OFM was a bit out of kilter today so we took it easy. A picture taken yesterday is the only picture for tonight. It is a dead tree that has been under water for several times over the last ten years.  We thought it was worthy of a picture while the rain sprinkles were coming down yesterday.

Tomorrow might be a good day to roam a bit more as we try to have tooooo much fun again.

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