Suddenly Summer

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 3-2-2020
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HEAT was the name of the game today. By noon we had 91 F. and it stayed there until late afternoon after 1700. It is still sweating warm here at 2000.  It is definitely time to head north a nice ways and ALSO up in elevation.  How does 300 miles north and three times higher in elevation sound to you?  The OFM Teams are raring to get moving so tomorrow is get ready day.

During the heat of the early afternoon the OFM was sitting at the do all table looking out the window when here they came. Kicking dirt around, running around like Gavin when he is excited, and pecking at unknown things in the dirt. The covey of quail were really cute. 

Sierra had the camera in the cab and the OFM was in the Castle. He hoped that Sierra would take a picture of the quail but nope it didn’t happen. If the OFM had gone out the Castle door the quail would have scattered immediately. As  it was we had a great 10-15 minutes of group activity to enjoy and it was fun.

The rest of the day goes on along with a couple of visits with some friends camping nearby. We did a lot of sitting, chatting and sweating. It was enjoyable.

Tonight as the OFM is sitting near the open window sweating while a small fan blows warm air on him, he suddenly hears a lot commotion outside in the brush. Vegetation getting torn up, grunting and teeth clashing etc. So the OFM quickly shuts the door of the Castle. An RV door is not a lot of safety but it is better than the screen door only.

The outside light is turned on and then a flashlight was shined into the brush and there they were. No not the quail again. It was the small pack of javelina that roam the campground. They must have found some good new vegetation to carry on like they did. 
Javelina  cutesy of AZ Highways 

They were about fifteen feet from the Castle’s window so no wonder it was a LOUD event. It lasted about twenty minutes and then they could be heard making their way on through the brush to their next feast location wherever it might be.

At least the quail and javelina made a good try at having tooooo much fun today.

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