Body Slammed

Adventure Location: San Pedro Campground, Del Rio Texas
Adventure Date: 3-4-2020
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The day started decently. Then a mishap at the dump station made an ugly mess that cleaned up easily. And then the Teams were rolling before 0900. The driving went smoothly northward headed to San Pedro Campground on Amistad Reservoir near Del Rio Texas.

At the stop for gas late in the trip we had another oops. We hope it is a little oops.  As the OFM was stepping over the gas hose to go to the front of Sierra, his foot hung on the hose. As he fell forward his hand grabbed the door handle on Sierra. The door opened and the 30+ mph wind grabbed the door and slammed it open so the OFM hit something, probably the pipe pump guard, knocking him to the ground.

He does not recall hitting the ground or right afterward but he does recall starting to come to his senses just as a wonderful fellow got to him to check on the OLD man that fell.  He helped get the OFM up but the OFM was still groggy. The blood dripping off his elbow helped wake the OFM up.

 Then he realized he could hardly move his left shoulder. As he slowly gathered his senses he thanked his helper profusely.

Then he went to the rest room to wash off the blood and let it stop bleeding. As his senses came back to him he realized his left arm did not respond properly. Skip a few minutes.

OK elbow not bleeding now but the paper towel taped to his arm looked funny. His  left shoulder would move without pain if his right hand was used to move his left arm. And his head cleared enough to see what had happened. And it did not look pretty.

As of tonight nothing is bleeding much. The left shoulder is self mobile with lots of effort and moderate pain but is definitely better than earlier. 

Anyway the OFM got it together to make the next two hours of driving to get to our home for the next few days At San Pedro Campground.  The weather was beautiful when we arrived at our chosen campsite.

We got to visit with some folks and enjoy the evening in spite of the pain from the accident. 

Soon enough we had a nice sunset.

And quickly after that the moon was seen up in the sky and it was not yet dark.

We are hoping the shoulder trouble is only muscle bruising and will be well in a couple of days. It could be bothersome when the OFM is trying to have tooooo much fun.

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