Spring Sprung

Adventure Location: Del Rio Texas
Adventure Date:3-11-2020
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 While messing around this next scene reminded the OFM that it was time to get ready for lots of flower pictures because Spring has sprung.

Our next door neighbor has this insect by the trailer. It is a very large metal sculpture of a dragon fly. Check this out.

They are very nice English folks that have been working in the USA for decades and the accent is fun to hear. they have bought a place way up in the mountains of north New Mexico and are moving there. It is gorgeous up there but the OFM Teams do not want all the cold in their life.

By request here is the furnace removal hole. It leaves the Teams a spare LPG connection should we ever had need for it. For now it is spare empty space for future use.  The original grating is screwed back over the hole so you cannot tell the furnace is gone by just glancing around.

The first owner of this rv park planted fruit trees instead of native trees like mesquite etc.  Every year they have a huge harvest of fruit and the RVers don’t even come close to eating all of it. The owner told the OFM that last year the peaches produced so much that he used the front end loader to haul the excess fruit out to the back to get rid of it all. There is more than just peaches and we do not know what this tree is but the blossoms are very pretty.

Tomorrow we tackle the dripping water line and see if the OFM can handle the job. We hope so since water line leaks are not the way to have tooooo much fun.

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