Amistad NRA Important Part Opens Again

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 3-27-2020
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I do not know how it happens but this morning the OFM took an inventory of electronic folders of un-sorted folders of pictures waiting to be shown in the blog along with their story. There are eight of them with various piles of pictures waiting.

Well today did not help the matter any at all. The OFM finished one painting. Then the delivery truck came by and dropped more new toys for fun.


Next thing we knew the OFM was sketching planning drawings for working upon. Then it was near noon so he decided to get a walk in before it got too hot.  Of course there are flowers all around us that need their pictures taken so he tried his best to fill the camera card. The first two are from a fruit tree in the campground.

This last flower picture is from near the dog run and dog washing area. We wonder what the red ones will turn out to be.

Then the OFM spent most of the afternoon working on his next big flop of a painting.  In the interest of being nosy, he opened the Amistad NRA web site to some wonderful news. The facility is opening parts of the area for use again.  The parts they are opening are the areas where the desert flower explosion normally happens.  That means that we will be back on to the daily run around in the park getting more picture we don’t have time to process.

There are folks here in the campground that have complained they are bored and have nothing to do. We do not seem to fit into that category. Just today three more paintings have been planned.  Most of them will take5 -7 days of work each. The OFM says he is getting to old too fast for all this fun and frolicking.  But he still does his best at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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