Very Busy Day

Adventure Location: Del Rio Texas
Adventure Date:3-8-2020
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We left San Pedro mid morning and headed for Broke Mill RV Park a couple of miles away. Setting up went really well and the Castle is at its location for a few weeks. It is a great location for the repairs that need to be done.

The first of the needed repairs was accomplished today. It is nice to be close to supplies and services when needed. We got the new bathtub valves installed and the furnace removed.

In this picture the new faucet piping is the two white lines on the left. The OFM was on the tub side and the installer on the picture side. It was an easy task with two folks but would have been just about impossible for a solo person.

The big empty cabinet you see is where the furnace was located. The furnace is now located in a dumpster. The cabinet remaining will rest for a while and then a brilliant idea will enter the Castle as to what to do with that spare area. For now the grill that covered the opening will go back over the opening.

Tonight the OFM will find out how well the shower works in the new configuration. We are betting on success.

And finally for tonight, the OFM took a meander in the campground for a few minutes and found this painted rock. 

Tomorrow we will take Grock over to meet that scenery rock.

The Teams signed up for a month here to give us plenty of time to make repairs/changes and be very near good supply sources. It is also a great area for hiking around so it will not be a boring stay. There is plenty of places around here for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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